The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 23

here ya go… starting on Part 24


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The Mysterious Mr. Black (Black Family Series)

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Dec. 17, 2012
Words: 98154 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

Running from an abusive man into the arms of the dangerous mysterious stranger… what’s a woman to do?

Extended description

Jen is having a very bad life with nowhere to go but up. Fate brings a mysterious stranger to her, yet she can’t figure out if he’s for the good or the worse.

In one night of meeting The Mysterious Mr. Black, Jen finds her life turned upside down and she knows in order to solve the mysterious, she is going to have to go where no other woman has ever gone before, inside his head and his heart.

Will her journey to the truth, be worth the toil or will she end up dead?

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romance, erotic, erotica, thriller, love, suspense, drama, murder, mystery, african american, death, adult, contemporary, detroit, urban, noir, interracial, deceit, multiple personalities, sensual, abuse, sylvia hubbard, torture, heart of detroit, bwwm, womens erotica, deceptive, mental conditions

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9 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 23

  1. Wow there’s so much info in this post, trying to put things together. Jen really needs to wake up and start questioning the things that are given to her.Paris’ sister is the girl who was running in substitute wife right and Mandigo was chasing her? I can’t place her name or was it pari I do know she had a crazy appetite. Anyway does xavier have a brother and what could he owe king heart and who is his mother who was so evil? And what does this journal really have in it and how does pari know do much? So many questions keep the post coming!

  2. I think Mr. Black is living in that house with her – in the parts of the house she’s not allowed in. lol. Good cliffhanger, Sylvia. Do you, girl!

  3. I see King is still after Pari and Pari is still on the run. I always wonder what happen to her. Now I am trying to figure out if X works for King or are they related. They have to have some type of connection. I am just trying to break it down and figure it out. Great Info!

  4. Ethan Black is Xavier’s step-brother. (That’s all I know, stasia). Lots of interesting information. I think Xavier and The Boss are the same man. (Maybe Xavier was the armed man after Jesse). Perhaps King Heart did a favor for Xavier, which put him in KH’s debt. Who knows. More mysteries that need unravelling. I’m hooked. When’s the next post?

  5. hrm, im no detective and came up with just about the same as everyone else.

    dont know about him staying in the house with her, i deff believe the house has cams. So carla was paid you say. hrm. did he kill her husband so he could be with her??? hrm thats a bit extreme.

    to think about: is/why would X be in Kings debt.

  6. Damn Dayna hope you get your money that’s reason why people have insurance. Maybe old lady burn down house with her cigarette smoking. Jesse that low-life bastard burned down Dayna’s place…I don’t know! Jesse don’t seem like the type 1st he had to think of the plan then put it into action. Why is he diggin in the trash cans and how he know Jen throw ring in the trash instead of flush it down the toilet.
    How do Pari know so much about the boss man? Why she did not tell Jen his name? Pari believe her journal is in boss man hands. If so why what he wants with it. Sylvia give many hints that King Heart is gay. So what he wants with Pari…to pimp her out or something more.

  7. As I am reading this, I find that I am missing a few chapters, so can you please resend these to me so that I can keep up with everything. Thanks so much!!! Chapters: 7, 8, and 22

  8. OMG…I finally caught up…took me all night but damn I was too into it to stop lol. I can’t wait for more.

    Oh yeah, I remember the doctors saying that Jen wouldn’t be able to have anymore kids. But she keeps getting the fluttering in her stomach. Could Mr Black have gotten her pregnant during that “dream” that felt oh so real to her lol.

    Oh yeah and Xavier, wth is taking you so long to find and kill Jesse and his friends lol.

  9. i agree with pari on rollin her eyes at jen. talk about beng shelter but marrying a hand who seel you to the highest bidder without blinking. she’s was too trusting and naive. greatt update.

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