I was hacked

There are three times in my life when I felt I wasn’t who I was.

The first was in high school when someone took credit for an article I had written. I watched as everyone gave them accolades about the best article EVER written in the schools newspaper and I had to watch as they were treated like a queen. Back then I didn’t speak up and I wasn’t a fighter.

To this day I’ve had some anomosity toward the person, but you live and learn.

The second time I was a friend of the family who used my identity and ran over my credit.

It took me over fifteen years to fight with Citibank to get that off my credit and leave me alone about it and I’m still a lot resentful.

Now we hit the third time. Someone took over my hubbooks yahoo mail account and have literary just ruined my life by sending out emails to say I’m stuck in London and I can’t leave.

It’s a good thing I’m networked not only through that email but others as well and I also have intelligent friends and contacts who immediately saw a scam and contacted me.

I know I can’t expect everyone to be good and moral, but I’m hopeful enough to ask why on earth would someone want to hurt someone and take credit or steal someone’s identity – the only real thing that’s valuable to us?

I’m realistic enough to know this is a silly question to ask, but I love being a good person and I dislike people who do things to hurt others in any kind of way.

I’m not going to discuss this matter any deeper, because things happen. You roll with the punches and keep going. I’ll probably talk more at How To Love A Black Woman about losing yourself to yourself. I know the issue of me NOT speaking up when my feelings are hurt and also my forever hope that doesn’t seem to run out are going to generate some posts so keep on the lookout.

If you’ve received any emails from my hubbooks account, please report it to Yahoo security immediately. Thanks


5 thoughts on “I was hacked

  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Sylvia. When I got that email for ‘you’, I KNEW it was a hoax on so many levels. First of all, anyone that truly knows you know that you wouldn’t contact your readers for the reasons stated in that email. Secondly, if you needed THAT kind of help, you would have simply CALLED the people in question, certainly not used email.

    Unfortunately, this kind of thing comes along with your increasing popularity, Sylvia. I’m learning this hard lesson on another level – people pirating my work.


    Just do the best you can to safeguard yourself, girl…and keep praying that no weapon formed against you will prosper.

    Be blessed!

    1. Like i said i always hope that there is good in all people

      i’m like the luke skywalker’s mother. I think there’s some good in everyone.

      As for the copying of the work, I really must say that I’m impressed with my devoted readers who actually have alerted me or even told people they shouldn’t be copying or sharing my files.

  2. Sorry that happen to you. I sign up for a discover card in college that I never recieve. I completely forgot about it until I got a bill for 2500 dollars. I was like I never recieved no discover card. Someone stole the card from my school mailbox and had a field day. That hurts when people do things like that to you. I had to write discover a letter telling them I did not use or recieve the card and send them a copy of my DL. They match the signatures and wrote a letter of apology. So I know how it feels.

  3. Damn girl I am happy you are a fighter that you are okay. Idenity thief IMO is like rape. They are doing actions against your will without your premission. That’s hurt! I did not receive that email but stay strong. (handle your business..your are the woman)

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