His Subsitute Wife…My Sister

This is an repost from December 2009 from http://www.behind-the-book.blogspot.com, when I was in the middle of writing :

His Subsitute Wife…My Sister.

Drama, Drama and more Drama

Where does it all come from? Certianinly not from personal experiences because my life is very boring.

I work in a 311 call center for the City of Detroit. Now Detroit is the Murder Capital, Hair Capital, we’re the brokest city (highest foreclosure rate) and we’re the fattest city.

Another title is that Detroit should be Drama Capital of the world.

I’ve lived and been to a lot of cities. I’ll read other city’s newspapers, but never have I seen the complications of human interaction that takes place in the wide open in Detroit.

We don’t wait to get behind closed doors. We love to get out in the open and tear someone a near hole in the rear and this makes life just a little bit more interesting here (hence our popular titles) and for me as a writer, I find that it makes great fodder for books.

Now a lot of readers do relate with the stuff I put in books and I know it happens in other cities, but nothing like Detroit. (That’s just my opinion)

My latest venture His Substitute Wife goes into the emotional drama of a woman realizing when it was too late that she had a good man and has to stay with the decision to share her man or lose him. On top of that he wants a baby and neither woman, who are twins, he’s sleeping with can give him that. So she does what any woman would do find another woman who would give it to him, her younger sister.

Keeping it all in the family, in the end one sister will die, one will lose and one will get everything she desires.

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Sylvia Hubbard