Writers find God in their writing

mrblackJust in case you were wondering about The Mysterious Mr. Black

Things are going well in the story. Great feedback from readers and we’ve gotten past the bad stuff.


For now.

I mean I’ve dragged the protagonist through some pretty horrible times and now it’s time to move on to righting her world. (Yes, I did mean righting and not writing).

Sometimes it takes great responsibility as a writer to bring these characters to life and control them.

In truth I feel the people who want to be most like God is writers. We want to control their choices and feelings yet its just so damn interesting to sit back and watch them have choice.

It just plays out better that way when we as writers (and really I can only speak for myself) only write what our characters decide to do, instead of doing it for them.

Some are determined to live.

Some are determined to die

Some are determined to repeat the same mistake.

What’s to happen to Jen some of my readers have asked me.

I really don’t know. I’m watching her horrible life unfold just a few hours earlier than what you are watching and we are waiting for something better.

Maybe it is the mysterious Mr. Black.

In all, as I always say, God never gives us anything we can’t handle and even when the crap hits the fan and everyone has given us permission to sit down and get away from all the shite flying your way, we find our strength to stand and endure the storm.

That’s when you find the God in yourself.

My characters live, evolve and become better through my fingers tips, yet I learn and become a better person through their stories.