Story Reminder from Suprina Frazier (yes, I’m late posting it!)

Yeah, I’m late posting this, but you can still join in and catch up like I’m doing! It’s really good!

To: All my reader friends

Re: Big Girls Won’t Cry – my first story featuring a plus-sized heroine.

Hello, everybody! I hope everyone is well today. If not, I pray that all will be well in your lives very soon.

This email is your official reminder about my upcoming live interactive story. Big Girls Won’t Cry will be half free and half paid. The latter half will go to my private VOD blog. More details about the VOD blog will be posted on my free Secular blog.

In the meantime, here are some basic details about the story:

·        When does the story begin? September 21st 2009

·        Where can it be found online? (My secular blog)

·        Blurb: They forced the wrong woman into prostitution this time. FBI agent Subrina Rayelle is on a mission to take down the people that coerced her best friend into prostitution and then beat her to death when she tried to escape.

Refusing to cry even one tear of grief for Leesha until all guilty parties were brought to justice, Subrina set her sights on Nevada where the crime took place. If only she hadn’t met her soul-mate during this undercover mission. If only her soul-mate wasn’t connected to the people that caused Leesha’s death. Now how was Subrina going to successfully complete her assignment?

Special note to my Edgy Inspirational readers: Since Big Girls Won’t Cry is one of my Secular stories, the heat level will be higher and some of the adult situations will be more intense. If you prefer to sit out this story because of those things, I completely understand. However, if you do decide to join us, you will definitely find a plethora of good morals and nuggets of wisdom embedded throughout the story. In short, there’s something for everyone even in my Secular stories.

Hope to see you all there on Monday!

Suprina Frazier

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