A little bit of sin Chapter 28.1

hey readers

pushing along and making headway.

the jason and grace thing… you’ll have to wait that one out.



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6 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 28.1

  1. so grace and jason…. something is there but we wont know. and im guessing they probably have a thing considering she does like him and she looks like tricia. but maybe it didnt get as physical since it was mentioned early on in the story that they never hooked up. unless that was a lie told by grace to cover up their secret relationship!!!!

  2. And the plot thickens!. Now I want to know what happen to Grace. I also want to know how Colin looks and who bailed him out of jail. Who won the fight Sylvia? Inquire minds want to know.

  3. Yes, Sylvia, the plot really has thickened. I don’t know how you’re going to back your way out of all this D-R-A-M-A. I look forward to seeing how it’s all going to turn out in the end.

    Tori, I hoping it was a tie. LOL. But with Colin being white, his bruises are probably going to show up worse. Yikes! Synthia might scream again. lol. Too funny!

  4. bambi “their secret relationship”. dun dun dun 🙂

    concerning plot just keeping track here these are the issue that need to be solved i think

    .triangle between syn, her mom and her sister

    . the issue with george and syn’s “friend” from earlier

    . truth about trishas death and the hidden money

    . grace’s side life (or is that for her story?)

    . obvi colin and syn situation. becuase like she met him because she thinks hes a male gigolo. so i would atleast be wondering like who else he’s sleeping with 1. and 2. mr. gots skills why is he broke. (or did she pass this bridge already?)

    .the client dude that was in syn office and the real estate situation think with taylor (or is that just clues for an outside book?)

    obvi you syl wont answer these question be we as readers can chat amongst ourselves 😀

  5. Jason with his allmighty attitude got his ass whoop….or did he? I just cannot wait to read what happen to Colin. Jason need to hear the whole story about what happen on the night of Trica death, before he comderm Colin. WHO is Grace seeing? What is going on with her? When is Colin and Synthia going to get together. I miss their interaction….I miss the S.E.X.(hehe)okay okay I know. I am sex fiend.

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