What to Blog? How to Keep them reading!

Great tips to make your blog stand out and keep readers coming back.


People are always asking me how to get more viewers to their websites and what do they write about. I’m always asked as to how I come up with the ideas that I do come up with.

 Here are some tips to help you out coming up with great posts for your blog.

 1. Bring the funny.

 Humor has a way to draw people and join people from all over. Even if you have a serious subject, find inspiration and keep it light so that it’s not always so serious.

 My mother says if you have weathered the storm and can talk about, then you can smile about just surviving.

 2. Explore What if’s and Extremes in your post.

 Going to the far extremes of your own mind and then write about it. Create an alternate past or future.

 Giving your readers the outrageous of yourself often can endear your readers to you and make them loyal readers to “what else you’re going to say.”

 Don’t have that.

 Find others who are and talk about what they are talking about.

 Read a book that was too extreme? (And there are lots of those.)

 Talk about that.

 If you aren’t doing the what if’s or extremes, someone else is and you can talk about that.

 3. Keep your posts eye friendly.

 If you have to go into lots of details, double space your paragraphs so everything doesn’t look like a big pile of words. Reading on a screen can be a little bit more difficult than reading a paper and causes certain stress on the eyes. Break up sentences into double spaces and use bold to emphasize topics. Please use simple fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Don’t use a lot of italics. Use pictures to break up the reading and to also emphasize.

 4. Tagging – use it!

 Tagging your posts helps search engines place you where you want to be scene. But please place tags where they are supposed to be. For a moment there people were going around putting my name in tags to increase chances of people looking for me to come to their blogs. It was annoying because Google would alert me all the time that someone was talking about me and I’d come to a post about great ways to increase your income through blogging. There was no mention of me in the whole article except for the tag. GRRRRRrrrrr…. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one upset that was falsely dragged somewhere.

If your blog is about your kids, put children in your tags or tweens if you have that age range. Heck, shoot for teenagers.  I’ve been doing a Romance on a budget series on my How to Love a black woman blog. I included finances in my tags.

 5. Give it away

 Everyone likes the free. You’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t like free things. Giving something away on your blog is a great way to garner new readers and a way to get your usuals to talk about you elsewhere. (Just asked them to share the link with others.)

 6. Add Mystery

 They don’t call me the cliffhanger queen for nothing.

 I often write live mystery suspense stories and always leave the post at a devastating cliffhanger to draw my readers to come back the next day. These usually are weeks and weeks of hair pulling, but creative one-day events are often on the Internet and you can creatively draw your readers to guess until the cows come home but please make sure you satisfy their curiosity.

 7. Respond to current news.

 Local, national or international news will always happen. You’ll never run out of things to talk about and you can find ways to have it relate to what your platform is about.

 8. Bring Sexy Back

 There’s no way not to put it. *(Yes, that’s a double negative.)

SEX Sells. It’s always going to happen and there’s no way to get around it.

 Whether its good sex or bad sex, don’t be afraid to talk about it on your platform.

 Even if you’re practicing celibacy, you can speak about that and how hard the temptation is for you.

 9. Demonstrate Extraordinary skill

 If you have them, talk about them.

 If you don’t, talk about others.

 It’s an easy concept. People are mesmerized by the extraordinary. Keep them mesmerized and speak about it.

 Know something that you think other people can’t do? Write a manual or instructions on it.

 I decided to write a simple manual on my blog at How to Love a Black woman on how to give a woman a proper massage.

 After a horrendous break up, I did a 7 day instruction guide on how to break up and be happy.

 People love instructions and they like to learn things. Help humanity and use your blog to teach.

 10. Find a gimmick

 Whether you twist the idea of another idea and make it your own or you create a new thing to do. Make a statement. Stand for something and then record your doing it.

 Want to save the wild cats in your urban area?

 Have a penny drive. Ask your readers to send pennies to your local human society in an envelope.

 Want to donate your hair to charity?

 Take pictures of your hair getting cut and post it on the site. Upload the video to Youtube and then show it.

 Show that your can do more than just preach from your “pulpit.” Your actions really do speak louder than words.

 The most important thing I can tell you to do when blogging is to enjoy yourself. Once you see that this is a great way of getting the word out about you and your platform, you’ll see that you can come up with a lot of ideas to blog about.

 Have too much to blog about? Use the post options to change the dates instead of popping out five or five posts a day.

 Don’t have enough to speak about. Expound upon a subject you spoke briefly about in the past.

 Trust me, there’s always something to say and talk about!

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