A little bit of sin Chapter 24.3

yeah, you’re going to be mad again, but I couldn’t help myself.

see y’all tomorrow.



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3 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 24.3

  1. Hi Sylvia,
    I hope that you are feeling better and you dad is doing better.

    About the story… I’m still loving your updates. Synthia is working my last nerve. She had to know that Colin would be livid. She messed with the man’s dream. Her actions gave her control over him, throwing any potential “relationship” off balance. What happened to approaching him as an equal? Except who’d want to be a part of his angry self.

    Great sex is not the sane basis for a relationship

    Oh Lord, Jason is going to blow a gasket. He should. She’s lost her mind. Perhaps she should re-direct some of her intense obsession with Colin to dealing with her mother and her fractured relationship with her sister, Noel. What about Jason’s renewed grief? How about lending a shoulder or an ear?

    Until next time…

  2. That was crazy. Jason is so blunt and I like him. I don’t know why Synthia felt dirty I thought she did the damn thang. I am loving this woman power.

  3. I am happy that you are back. I was worry and hope all is well.
    I see Colin put his foot in his mouth. I see Synthia is trippin'. Now let see what type of foolish Jason put out.

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