A little bit of sin – Chapter 21.2

reader question: can you post faster?

author answer: no. see live story explaination

reader question: is mark gonna end up with grace?

author answer: umm, story spoiler.

reader question: how is colin going to get back control?

author answer: story spoiler

reader question: can you post longer post?

author answer: i will try.



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A little bit of sin won’t hurt Chapter 21 (c) 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “A little bit of sin – Chapter 21.2

  1. Thanks again for always updating promptly. I see that Syn’s family’s issues run a little deeper than I thought. I could understand sibling rivalries and all that, but a child and a parent is always dificult to comprehend.But I really hope a little more info could clear that up. Now onto Colin. I was happy to see he got something out of his grandfather so that he can be free to pay fulfil his dream and future, but with Synthia’s interference there’s no telling how that is going to go down. I know you will keep us posted as you usually do with this intriguing story. Also I hope to see more of Colin and Synthia again together really soon. Thanks.

  2. Well Synthia really needs to tell her siblings about what is going on or it’s going to be a blood bath with them. My guess is Trisha brother is trying to get back in contact with Synthia. Thing’s are getting interesting.

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