A little bit of sin Chapter 20.2

listening to Brian McKnight on my work computer. Same three songs over and over again.

The REst of My Life (That’s my favorite)
A Little Too Late (This makes me sad.)
Show me the way back(this rips my heart out.)

Lawd, this man is running the gambit.

Miss my mp3, but I’m breathing a lot better. As for the thinking, I don’t know for sure.

Check my continuity. Wanna make sure I’m good on that.



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2 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 20.2

  1. im lost. please let me be found… grandaddy wasnt such a puss after all? he left them the money… does that have any connections with the money frank took from his dad???

  2. HmmmmmmmI wonder which Mr. McGhee is he talking about? Who identification is Colin showing?From his earlier statement about the contempt is grandfather seemed to have for him, why would he put something into Colin’s name?Now I wonder how did Bernard get by when he ran away? Please keep it coming Sylvia!PS. I have been receiving threats from the girls on my job that I have got HOOKED on this story. They actually believe I know you personally and is insisting that I contact you and tell you post. LOL

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