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A little bit of sin won’t hurt – chapter 14.3 (c) 2009 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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12 thoughts on “A LITTLE BIT OF SIN – CHAPTER 14.3

  1. Speechless!!Mouth hanging open!! What tha heck? NOW I’M ADDICTED!!! I wanna know whats happening Synthia…. oh sorry.. Sylvia!! 🙂Oh BTW…. Age should never matter when the one ure with provides what you need the most… just 18 and up!!

  2. I endorse trying to walk the straight and narrow at times… But yes… I truly believe that as long as you are comfortable and you get what you need the most from/with the person…. other people’s opinion shouldnt matter…. because at the end of the day… you’re the one in the shituation… And trust your gut instinct… it is never wrong… dont ignore a niggling feeling….Now can you PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE GIVE US MORE STORY????? 🙂

  3. @ ronalda: i know age shouldn’t make a difference and shute gurl, if I went with my gut, i’d be a host a trouble because I want to do things illegal in about 49 out of 50 states with a man, bout now.

  4. Why? All he is going to do is mess with the past and get into TROUBLE.

  5. What in the world is he thinking – doing this will only get him in deeper mess; come on Colin, THINK

  6. Hi Sylvia I have to congratulate you for doing a great job as a writer. I just found out about this blo from TST and I had to read it all out first before commenting. I am already hooked on this story and Although I just found it I am eagerly awaiting an update. Collin and Syn met under strange circumstances and their attraction is strong. But now she found out about Collin having to do with her friend’s death, is a hard blow. Now he is in dire straits and is resorting to going back where he didn’t want to. I know he served his time and I feel for him. I hope he gets the money elsewhere and with a clear conscience. So thank you for bringing this wonderful story and I’m patiently waiting for more. And about the age difference thing, I think it’s ok. It’s not that far apart as long your at a consenting age. Laters.

  7. OMG!!!….post more please, thats all i gotta say after reading these chapters……

  8. I got 3 words for Colin….Don't Do It!!

    I knw I said earlier that Syn shd be taken down a notch…….aaaw Sklyvia but nt like ths..I swear I did nt mean like that!!!

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