A little bit of sin Chapter 12.2

Okay, i know this is short so don’t be upset and YES, YOU ARE GOING TO GET MAD AT ME.

But that’s the trials of being the cliffhanger queen, huh. LOL

PS: if i see a lot of hits this weekend, I’ll post more by Saturday or Sunday Night. So spread the word!!!

enjoy… (and try to have a great weekend)


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9 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 12.2

  1. HA HA HA HA! Colin is so FUNNY! You already in LOVE you fool!Just open up the door and have some more of your forbidden fruit. LOLPLEASE GIVE US SOME MORE!

  2. hehehehe wow i am loving this story!! cant wait to buy this one also!! Please do post for the weekend!!!

  3. Hey,Hey,Hey,HeyI’m on the scene – awesome story Sylvia as usual. I’m hangin on by a thread…just waiting for another post

  4. I guess he feels like she is a roach and she want go away…lol. Loved his reaction and I am glad I am finally caught up. I sat here and read all 12 chapters.

  5. @Tori, wow!that was a lot of comments, but you did point out something no one else noticed either. got ta be more careful where i drop my red herrings and hide them even harder. thanks for finally catching up and thank you for the words to my father.

  6. Hi Sylvia,Your story/blog was recommended by one of your many fans at TST. I’ve caught up on all 12 chapters and I’m loving Syn and Colin, in and out of bed. Syn just might need to thank that trecherous b-witch Katrina before this story wraps up. Looking forward to more… Bluegardenia

  7. Oh wow! many fans on TST? oh wow! that’s cool!Yeah, we’re going to get the K, but not because she stole her man. K’s not a very good person all together.(yes, that’s a story spoiler if you must know, but only the people that actually read the comments will know that one. ha ha.)just for you Bluegardenia, welcome as a new reader and I hope you really really do enjoy yourself!!

  8. Been silent so far, but LOVING this story Sylvia. Its been a while.Ljay

  9. aaaww Colin………the lady is in yr head and wen she get s outr of that head nad out your front door you slam it in her face??? tut! tut!

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