A Little Bit Of Sin – Chapter 7.2

strolling on the road to getting to the good part.

It’s going to come sooner than later.

This might be my last chapter for the day. I really already completed 8 but I decided to hold off for tomorrow…

But I could be forced to change my mind, if you guys invite others to read and I could possibly post the whole chapter.

It’s early in the day and you know I don’t get off until 4EST.

(Yes, I’m torturing you on purpose.)

So Deal is: Stats go up, I post. Stats don’t. I keep it until tomorrow and trust me, you’re going to want my happy ending, LOL.

BTW, I just converted stealing innocence and stealing innocence II: The Ravishment for epub, LRF, .mobi, PDB.

Click on the bookcovers below to check out the download location. Thanks.

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