A Little Bit Of Sin – Chapter 6.1

yeah, i’m a little late and I know this.
Boy after sex dilemmas are hard to figure out.
For three hours I sat looking at the screen wondering what to write.
It’s been a while since I had sex so early in the  book hasn’t it… I think.
It’s funny because when I first started live blogging, I did Mistaken Identity and I had sex within the first chapter.
In my past books, I used a lot more sexual tension rather than a sex scene to get to the good part.
In this one, I’m starting with sex because I want to make that the least of their worries. It’s everything else, LOL.
But I had such a good time at the sex scene that I just want them to jump right back in bed again.
Maybe… and this is TMI, because I haven’t had any going on for a couple of months (but it feels like years.) LMAO.
Okay, enough revelation.
Answering an offline reader question: Yeah Colin is very sexy but the more I find out about him the more I’m starting to piss my own self off. And dammit I still like him.
And yes, George is a shallow jerk and just likes her for arm candy.
Yeah that was evasive and confusing to you that didn’t write a question to me offline, but you’ll see in a moment.
You’ll see.
A Little Bit of Sin Won’t Hurt – Chapter 6.1

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4 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Sin – Chapter 6.1

  1. This chapter explained so much for me, about their brotherhood, their past, crazy parents, and especially about Ben’s finances.Great job, Sylvia!

  2. Yeah, I decided to work it now when it was appropriate instead of bore everyone in the beginning with all these details. I’m trying to work more with getting things out smoothly using dialogue and actions. On top of that, I’m just trying to get you to look one way while I do something else. Ha ha.

  3. its like you took a class i can deff see the changes. not that you were bad before lol. but its nice to know that youre still growing withyour writing style

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