Are You Ready For A Live Story?

For my past readers you know during these live stories, I do need feedback.

I know how life gets busier and busier, so before I start a live, I’d love to know if this is what you’d like as well. (ANSWER THE POLL ABOVE TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN A LIVE STORY)

What’s the book you ask?

(well, you didn’t ask, I was asking for you.)

there’s been a change of plans.

You know how my mind goes… well, no you don’t because even I don’t know.

With that, I have changed the story.

The last time I made a plan was with Sin’s Iniquity when I not only changed the color or the male character but also his name. (I love the name Christopher, but I hate typing it.)

This Live Story is called:

A little bit of Sin Won’t Hurt

So what’s it about…

hmmm, as you can see it’ll be another adventure into I/R.

I know it’ll be short. Not my usual novels and it’ll be only an ebook, unless i make it so out the world a publisher has picked me up.

So what’s it about you ask again.

Synthia is a beauty like no other – not only on the inside but as well on the outside. She’s used to men falling over her, but she never made a big deal about her apperance. Accomplished in business, intelligent, with a great sense of style, she’s pleased that she can finally get married to a man who she’s only content with. Just as she makes good arm candy for him, it’s reciprocal for her. Plus after a past incident, she swore she would only allow herself to date well to do professional men who made a legitimate living. Her only fault she could say was her voracious curiosity.

And on the day before she knows George is to propose, her best friend puts in her head the one thing she has never done: Slept with a guy outside of her race.

With her beauty, she can’t just find anyone, so she does what any one in her position and wealth would do: She finds a professional.

Let’s just hope George never finds out what a good time she had.

And that’s where I am. In my head, I’ve introduced myself to the male lead Colin.

I like him, though he has lots of faults. Some I don’t really like at all, but that’s the way it goes when you write about things that are wrong with people and are bad in this world.

I hope you join me and If you are interested in a “sneak preview,” comment below and then forward this blog off to a million readers.

I think we’re on a great adventure. I think we’re going to cry in this one. A whole lot. I don’t know if I’m going to kill anyone yet, but you know there will be love.

Something never bought or sold and to this day, I have yet to acquire.

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7 thoughts on “Are You Ready For A Live Story?

  1. Sylvia, maybe our schedules won’t clash after all if this story is going to be shorter than your usual. Either way, I’ll stop by and show you some love while your story is going on.Btw, is the word ‘Sin’ in your new title a play on your heroine’s name? As in ‘A Little Bit Of Syn Won’t Hurt? Just wondering.Suprina

  2. GUURRL!!! you know we are all ready for another book. I’ve been reading your other books over and over and i’m going through withdrawal of a new one. I even went back to first half of dark facade (patiently waiting) cuz i was so desperate. this new story sounds very exciting and a different.. you got the chick cheating before she even gets married… thats new lol. i can’t wait

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