Ebooks available in newer formats – Mobipocket


I’ve been working on converting my books to other formats for download on mobile devices.

I have a lot of readers on the go and I want to change with the times so you are able to take my stuff on the go of your busy lives.

Now there is a warning that reading me may induce car accidents, food burning and no sleep for a couple of nights until you’re done with the book and I can’t be sued for any damages my “pieces of art” might do to you.

Some of my books are now available as Mobipockets so I’m excited about that.

Stealing Innocence I

Diary of A…

Check them out at: http://sylviahubbard.1freecart.com/ 

I’ll be adding more as they come so continue to keep a look out for everything.

One thought on “Ebooks available in newer formats – Mobipocket

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    The ebooks converted by these guys are so perfect that u feel reading a real book.Great service and support.

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