The Mystery of Love

Donna Hill (guest blogger)

Since my early days of reading I was a devout mystery reader. I was groomed on Agatha Christie, Eric Lustbader, and the like. Even my years of reading Greek mythology was filled with mystery. So it was inevitable that once the writing bug hit me that I would write my own mystery. It didn’t quite happen that way. I became an accidental romance writer.

I got my first short story published in Black Romance magazine back in 1997. And although it was a relationship story (as it had to be) there was a level of mystery in it as well. The character falls asleep on a bus ride home and her story begins when she gets dropped off on a dark street.

And when I began to get published in novel form my romances always held some level of mystery or suspense. My second novel Indiscretions was a murder mystery, Temptation featured a character that was hiding his true identity, Wicked Ways and Getting Hers is murder and mayhem gone wild, and Guilty Pleasures is all about the con. Those are just a few examples.

Because my reading tastes are entrenched in the mystery and suspense genre I love to throw a curve ball into my romances and it gives (to me) another level to the romance and a challenge for the couples. And in the reverse, my mainstream fiction always has the challenge of a relationship beneath it and that comes from my years of romance writing and the demands of writing a romance which insists that relationships are developed.

I think it’s a great marriage and I hope that my readers do as well!


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