Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 24.2



I try to deal with the King character as little as possible. because i don’t like him on the inside. i did rewrite this part to describe him a little to you which meant i had to look him in the face. don’t get mad at me because of that, i got a little king in me and did something really awful.


your fault.





This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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8 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 24.2

  1. Ok, so in my mind King is handsome as all get out but crazy as hell…LOL Is that right? And poor Em, he’s getting it from all sides. The whole family is crazy 🙂

  2. This is one crazy family for real. Can Em, stop getting punched in the face for a day please. It is really getting good now. I enjoy these parts, you get deep down to the root of the story…Love it, QCH!!!

  3. I agree. Can Em stop getting beat up for one second. All he is trying to do is save his wife. This family is bananas. I can just picture King. His name describes him to a tee. He must real fine but I would never want to mess with him…lol. He seems to dangerous to me.

  4. Damn Em can’t win from losing. He should really be tired of getting punch his face. First Lethal now King. So the feud is really between Lethal and King why does the rest family got to be drag in this mess.

  5. lawd lawd lawd!king is a crazy m’f’er and i can’t stop him sometimes in my head. it’s hard to reign him in but i think that’s why i love romances.I’M SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT KING’S PARADISE!!OMG! i WIsh u guys could be in my head and feel the rush.

  6. Sylvia now I understand your characters…King is crazy!!!Lethal is dangerous!!!Emperor is wess!!! &Mandigo is all MINE!!! I just can't wait for Mandigo story to come out. Mindigo likes to protect.If King such a badass why is he afraid of Lethal?

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