did anyone do their homework and study the heart family chart?

okay one mo’gin!
Luce is the last line. One of the youngest and more disturbed individuals.
Where’d he come from?
Most of the Hearts, as you know aren’t very nice and some are crazy.
Luce is demented, but like Manny, he obeys Lethal to the letter. Unlike Manny, he doesn’t take into account that people are human and can get hurt, but he’ll do the job no matter.
Lethal tries to use Luce as little as possible.
Unfortunately during all this ruckus, Manny was busy – (Sin’s Iniquity) and he couldn’t be reached.
i hate dealing with Luce as well, but with World War III on the brink inside of the family, I had to introduce him before the SHTF.
He’s manny’s brother if you must know and don’t want to look at the chart. He’s a cousin.
BTW, the reader that asked if I was going to do something about Lawrence in Deceptive Nights, I was still thinking on him. even though he was a dick, I still liked him and I got Treasure Heart (with the big chest from Tanner’s Devil) in the wings with a small story that needs a man part, but i was thinking of Richard (Deviln’s brother ) from Tanner’s Devil because he was an even bigger dick.
What’cha think?
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One thought on “did anyone do their homework and study the heart family chart?

  1. Okay, Sylvia, I’m trying to follow you here. So far as I can tell, all of the stories featuring the Hearts are sharing the same timeline. For instance, Manny can’t be reached for this story because he’s handling business in another storyline.Right?If so, another author friend of mine did that by showing the same event from three different story POVs (Meaning the same scene appeared in 3 different books, yet from different perspectives). I was so inspired by that technique that I did that in my latest contemporary series (the one with Enticing Mr. Wrong) and so I know how tricky getting the timelines to match up in each book can be.I said all that to say, take your time tweaking the timelines and stories, my understanding will catch up with you eventually…after I review a few previous stories of course. lol.Much luv.Suprina

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