how i disovered i was a romance writer

i think i was eleven when it first happened…

for a year i was board with life and i wanted something to get myself into.

the only real excitement was every sunday when i go to church i got to see my good friend and cousin. the prior week she didn’t talk much because she had a romance book and didnt talk much.this sunday i told her to bring me back what she wasreading and let me see what was so darn distracting.

it was katherine woodwiss and though there was a lot of air and smoke throughout the story there was this man with this dead seated passion for this woman who wanted to move mountain to be at her side.

always being a fast reader i was done by the end of church. i fell in love with him and the story and by the time i closed that book, i wanted another.

next week as promised, she bought me another an one. they were always historical and these ks were fueled for my thirst for knowledge and my new desire to find out about love sex and being a woman with a man. by the third one ,i was like a crack addict looking for a way to get my fix during the week. and then i found johanna lindsay. OMG! in the other books, the author focused on just the story or sex or conflict, but this woman – she had me from the first to the last word. she weaved all the story elements and transported me to a time i had never known where there were pirates, shieks, long journey’s across the sea, new trips to america, wild west and most of all love. sweet passionate love that had won against everything that was bad in the word.

to this day, my perferred romance genre has always been historical. Once i discovered beverly j i knew i could do the same but i didn’t want to do historical but i wanted the same elements in a contemporary story. I wrote the stories that I had found through them contemporarily as practice until i found my own voice and style.

i know it was sooooooo wrong to read romance novels through church, but at least i can say i found God and my path to what i love there. how many can say that?

Sylvia Hubbard – Author of Stone’s Revenge, erotic intrigue, Mistaken Identity

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