Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 19.2

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12 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 19.2

  1. First of all “Goody!” a Saturday post. Secondly, I thought Em was going to put a hit out on Juanita’s behind for what she did to Reese.Thirdly, I’m a little bit confused. Even if Juanita get the money she’s still going to try to kill Reese? I’m not clear on why. I see her keeping the girl alive in order to get the money, but once she got it, why wouldn’t that be enough? Why must Reese die anyway? Is Juanita riding on that much hate? If so, why?Sylvia, somebody, please help a sista out on these ponderings!Suprina

  2. no we dont want to be married but we will if we have to.and i know Em means well but im thinking doing everything in her “best interest” might smuther her

  3. Suprina to my understanding the sister wanted reese dead because she could possibably save the father with her organ which one I can’t remember. then the sister won’t get the big money.

  4. Ohhh, I remember that part now, Carmel B. Okay, now things are starting to make more sense to me. Thanks again, gurl.Suprina

  5. I am so excited that Reese and Em are getting married. I really hope Juanita get what’s coming to her. It’s so exciting to see that a girl has Em all twisted up in knots. Thanks for posting on weekend. I hope Juanita don’t try to go after Eartha once she finds out Em and married to Reese. Also when will Em know Eartha’s big secret?

  6. OK, I have been asking myself what does Juanita gain if Reese is dead all weekend.She would have the inheritance…..is there a life insurance policy that will pay millions?I thought the sister wanted to keep Reese around just in case she contracted the disease also. Marriage?!?!?!?!?!?Is Em in LOVE with her for him to do something this drastic as in marrying her? What is he going to do about her face? Juanita? Does Juanita still have the phone?I am very proud of Reese for at least trying to stand up to Juanita. Sylvia we need answers………..

  7. Dont you think that Ressee should know more about EM to get married? fine they are in love but with all the secrets??????

  8. I can see the reason behind the marriage…and they’ll get to know each other as the years come, right ? 🙂

  9. HELL YEA I'LL MARRY YO ASS!! wanted 2 marry him since the first excerpt!!ok.. we still have 2 uncover emperor's past and pimping and how shadow was conceived… hopefully this will not be a road block in reese & em's relationship. and i kno its wrong for a man 2 hit a woman… but in this case maybe em should sock juanita himself. or just push her off a cliff… or somethin!!!!!

  10. ok, I REFUSE to type another word here at work until I get an update!!!! (pouting poorly)Pretty please with sugar on top!!!

  11. even if reese did have more time to get to know emperor the only other option to opt out of handing over the money to juanita would be for reese to get married which would result in the inheritance going to her husband. either way i can’t wait to see how juanita reacts to finding out that reese up and married her man! hahaha

  12. WAYS FOR JUANITA’S END…1) Put her in a car.. push her over a cliff so she can be in a coma for some time…OR <>2)doesn’t lethal have some very big dogs somewhere? feed her to them! OR <>3)maybe sick cheyenne AND some other mean ass character on her ass and stick her in the nuthouse with them…

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