Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 18.2

no, you didn’t miss the club scene.

yes, I’m in the part of the book, where I’m struggling.

yes, it was soooo wrong to give you only a little.

I’m sorry.


This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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7 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 18.2

  1. OH, SNAP here we go…I can just imagine the look on Em’s face when she said that. I’m really worried about Reese tho. Her so called mom is a witch…please get her out of there. Great post.

  2. So Em is Shadow’s father? Didn’t see that one coming. Not too surprised now though considering how frisky he was until recently.The plot thickens…SuprinaP.S. Good post, Sylvia. And I know you’ll work out all the kinks as usual.

  3. HELL NO! BUT!! It could be true if he worn no comdorn or it broke. I don’t believe he shadow father and I thought her mother is Ty not Shardie. What is up with you not giving out age. What the big secret.

  4. OH SH** What the hell is going on. I kind of figure that Em had another kid out there some where because how he used to get down. But Shadow was a surprise. I can’t wait for another chapter and I hope reese is ok.

  5. Good morning,I think this is my 2nd time commenting, but this chapter deserved a comment since I have found your website (blog). 1st Wow and 2nd you know how to work a clffhanger. I wanted to know about Resse.Seems Em had a gut feeling from his first meeting that Shadow was possibly a Heart. I was thinking he would take the glass she is drinking from and do DNA testing. The next chapters will be very interesting. Thanks for the update and will pray that God sends your Boaz to you.

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