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I just posted the 1st generation Hearts family tree on my wordpress blog


The comments there have a link jpg to see it better. Sorry bout that.

Not everyone at once though cause it’s downloaded from Geocities and you know how they lock people up all the time.

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  1. So King and Queen are twins? So their father had seven children. Are any of their parents still alive? So Lethal doesn’t know that Lynx is still alive. They think he is dead right? Lynx has a girl now right Sylvia. Did he get her pregnant? I can’t remember in his story. King’s father Daemon has been with 3 women and has babies by all, that’s intresting. Isn’t he crazy. I don’t to much know about the other hearts. Salious or whoever they are. They show up every now and then. Are they going to have a story also?

  2. tori: how could you not know the lynx story? it’s the longest running free story i have, LOL. There is going to be stories for a lot of them.

  3. I have read so many Sylvia that I forget but I am going to go back and read Lynx story again to refresh my memory.

  4. Paula, i believe in sex weed or his substitute wife goes into detail about the fight between the hearts of chicago and the hearts of detroit. there’s no real detail about the fight. only that because King got into trouble that Lethal warned him about and then there’s the other matter as to why Lethal wasn’t around when King got into the trouble (not telling cause that’s inside the Stealing Innocence 3 plot.)Anyhoo, lil’bro came up missing because of King’s dirty deeds, but everyone assumed he was dead.Anonymous: that would be telling the story. Cant answer either one of those questions.Suprina: I was very impressed and if that reader could (verlinda s.) could email me at hubbooks@yahoo.com, I’ll send her something special.

  5. Sylvia, I bought and read Red Heart this weekend and now I have a few of questions/comments…1. The family trees seems to indicate that Red and Emperor are brothers (from the same father) instead of cousins like your current live story says. Which is it? Brothers? Or cousins?2. You had me going with how crazy Red was reputed to be. At first I didn’t want Jode anywhere near him. Then as I read on, I saw different sides of him and was cool with the union.3. You had me going again with how wimpy Jode was. What a surprise to find out exactly what that sista was capable of (I won’t say here because I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t read the book yet).SuprinaPS. You go, Verlinda!

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