Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 10.1

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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6 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 10.1

  1. ouch, who is going to save emperor now, and the door is locked, i hope someone is goin to show before he is completely damagedSOMEONE SAVE EMPEROR

  2. oh fudge-cicle talk about adding insult to injury and even more injury, bumbah why reese had to bust he pot infront of lethal. dang 2 minute shows. and um i for one would not be showing up for dinner damns…

  3. Poor Em. He can’t last for a minute and now he’s getting a beat down from Lethal.

  4. I don’t think my post from yesterday went thru. But it said something like this:Sylvia,I am ROTFLMAO. You are amazing & surprising as ever. After all this time and anticipation, we thought EM was gonna give an amazing performance. But he lost it in less than a 15 seconds.That was too funny.Gail F.

  5. Oh, pretty please, Sylvia. I have been waiting patiently all day and still no update. I can’t wait much more. Please post soon. Thank you.

  6. SYLVIA GIRL I LOVE ME SOME LETHAL……LETHAL IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! HE HAS ME SIZZLING…….I feel so sorry for EM. He came to quick and now he is getting his behind spanked.

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