Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 7.1

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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4 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 7.1

  1. poor Reese. She’s got one crazy a$$ ‘guardian’. HOPEFULLY Em and Lethal will put their heads together in enough time before this woman goes balistic! Great Job Sylvia…

  2. omg her mama is about 2 make a plumb fool of herself w/ emperor… or is there another great twist coming up?? oh wow. reese need 2 kick her ass out that house & build her a new one on that land.. that’s a nice setup for her to be on her own though.

  3. First off I don’t think Juanita is her mother. There is always a catch tp what you write sylvia and I trying to catch on to it. Next, Em is not going to give her the time of the day. She’s going to mess around and Eartha’s mom is going to kick her behind for messing with Eartha’s grades. Em is to into Reese. He’s had a taste and it’s wants more.

  4. ahhh crazy hoochie on the prowl… yes i really did feel sick when say said she was going to bring home a daddy *vomit*

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