Feeling Pretty Good – Got a new review! Thanks!

Sylvia is in a good mood today.

Sick as a dog, because I’m still sick from the pneumonia
and feeling nauseated from all the medicine their giving me, but when I went on
Amazon today I got a review on my newest title,
Secrets, Lies and Family Ties.

5.0 out of 5 starsSylvia does it again., May 21, 2008

J. McNeil
all my reviews

Full of drama and suspense, Sylvia Hubbard’s “Secrets, Lies &
Family Ties” is sure to be a fast paced read. All of the characters are
highly entertaining (especially those twins Jerome and Tyrone from Mistaken
) and the chemistry between Grae and Ezekiel is undeniable. However,
their road to happiness is lined with people out for revenge including Ezekiel’s
best friend. I can’t really say too much without giving away the entire story,
but all of the twists and turns (and sex scenes) in this book make it a highly
enjoyable read.



So I’m really happy about now. On top of that,
I’m looking at all these radio stations and trying to get set up.

I’ve gotten three interviews for July on my own.
It’s kinda fun being your own publicist.

I’m still heavily dependent on you guys, though so
keep passing the word.

Another reason to my happiness is that,
is now available on Amazon. If you don’t know what
that book is, then you need to look at the end of Secrets, Lies & Family
Ties for it.

J. McNeil,, you just won yourself a free copy of it.
Email me at HubBooks@yahoo.com
and I’ll ship you a copy. Also, I still owe a copy to one of my avid fans but
I can’t remember who it was. I wanna say Carmel, but I could be wrong.

guess I’m happy bcause i send out so many emails and just knowing that someone
really went and added a good review was so well worth the work it takes to send
out the emails.

deeply grateful.

back to work. Have a good day and I hope more of you post to the amazon site for
more reviews.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Pretty Good – Got a new review! Thanks!

  1. Sylvia Hubbard never fails…………, May 22, 2008 By J. L. Landry “vampire lover” (Richmond, CA) – See all my reviews Sylvia Hubbard nevers fails to present intriguing stories that keep you saying “OMG, no she didn’t!” The main characters Ezekiel and Grae belong together. Their road to romance is rocky with their own hangups, interfering friends, so-called friends, and Zeke’s dad. There is no such thing as a smooth relationship in Ms. Hubbard’s stories and I thank her for it. I always hate for the story to end but there’s always another Sylvia Hubbard story on the way. If you haven’t read any of her stories, you are in for a real treat.

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