Chapter 48

Yes, this will be my last post for this whole story..

the word count right now is 168K. That’s a lot of free. I’ll keep it all up until Monday and that’s when it’ll be available on Lulu for download.

I don’t have to teach this weekend, so I’ll spend it typing on my jornada typing like a mad monkey and finishing this bad boy out. (And no I won’t rush it carmel beauty.)

I’ve decided after your recommendations so go with typing up three synopsis for the following books:

Mistaken Identity
Sin’s Iniquity
Sex Weed
Tanner’s Devil

Now I know that I have Sin’s Iniquity in the editing stage although my memory is off on who i sent it to.

if you know who you are email me my phone or


i’m trying to think of wrap up notes but right now I can’t think of anything.

I’m kinda sad at not just at the ending of this but because i’ll miss them. Don’t know if i want to bring anybody back.

Oh and just in case you want to know where Onyx was before she reappeared, I have her time line down as starting on her next big case which her book is based on and she was out of town “preparing” but that’ll be all explained in her story.

Tapping chin to remember any questions I needed to answer.

Oh well, my brains a slush pile. There’s a migraine coming on and it might be due to the snow storm coming in again.

if i have something else, I’ll just throw it in the comment box.

oh yeah, thanks for the words of inspiration, Suprina . That was great coming from another author.

And no CB didn’t give me airline times. LmAo!

Now this post is just Parker working it out and stuff and really you guys can’t be mad at him. He’s in shock. He’s not on his toes and you know in the past he’s made foolish decisions and made himself look like an idiot before when it came to matters of the hearts. He’s a man and he’s learning. But he’s also distraught and frustrated about Charisse being possibly dead.

Give him a break.



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11 thoughts on “Chapter 48

  1. i added more spaces for better reading so if you refresh it’ll work better for your eyes. I also added the cover of the book.

  2. You are seriously going to make us wait until Monday to get the rest of the story? Thats just pure torture. So many of us seem to be like crack fiends, waiting for the next chapter to drop to relax us jsut a little until you drop the bomb of a cliff hanger. You’re good and you need to be published ASAP! I will definately be a reader of every book. Thanks for all that you do as a writer and mom. Take care of that migraine.Ms. B

  3. SYLVIA, you are hurting my feelings I just don’t know if I wait till monday for the ending I mean monday I don’t at all mind paying but (shhh darting eyes from side to side) maybe we can work out a deal? Call me, email me, let me know gurll!! I will hook you up.

  4. Sylvia *WAHHH,hiccup,hiccup* why come you got to make us wait? That is so wrong! It just ain’t right! Now what am I going to do? Hey, are you going to release it in print?

  5. Great post. Now you have everyone and i mean everyone anxiously waiting for monday to come. I can’t wait till monday morning. Have a great weekend Sylvia and take care of that migraine.

  6. WHAT, WHAT, MONDAY…. LOOK you know what mothers do when they need a fix. WHY come you wanna do that to my son, he dont deserve that. He gonna look at me and get fussed out for that, cause I gat to wait till durn Monday to finish this off(get a fix), you wrong for that…………Now I have a migraine. Why you go and do that mannnnn? Anywho, you wrong, dead wrong, not for wanting to post on LULU, but waiting to drop the bomb telling us today the last day and it is a what FRIDAY?Take care of yourself! Have a nice weekend, and I gin teach my son your number LOLOlOLOL.You are awesome at what you do, keep it up and you gat READERS for life!

  7. I am crying for real yall. I am going to miss reading and replying to all the comments from all of Sylvia’s addicts.Much respect to all until next time.Paula Tpa, FL

  8. I agree with everyone else Sylvia. Monday is to long to wait for more of the story. I want more!!!! I need a fix!!!! Now!!!!lol. Please try to post.

  9. AHHELL! Do we have to wait until Monday. It mean thats I have to wait 62hrs to read and get this book. That along time…along…along time!!! Keeping my fingers and toes cross that Charisse, the triple,(Ihope) Parker, Jaelan, Onyx, and my baby Mandingo is still alive. When you finish this story. Good luck and thank you!!!!!!!

  10. i agree with all that monday is a long time but hey guess what? we international folks git friday’s update on monday morning…meaning me who profits to read up at the office (smiles). Now it’s monday i just read this post and am reassured on something…Parker ain’t dumber than rocks! LM*O!!!!! heeeheee okey i’ll give the guy a break sylvia, he’s working out his problems and he wants to be careful but doggone it he better make the right decision or else i’ll be on that able back of his again!Charisse gurl hold on… help is commin’ and i say hear! hear! to Paula as to Cheyenne (evil smile).I really loved this story and i like each character except the lint lickin’ twins and fattie. They are all unique in their own way and interesting to boot! You are talented sylvia and i know you’ll make it big. I also read the chapters of Dark Facade you posted and I love that story. It’ll be a big hit so you really need to concentrate on it when possible (Suprina was dead right). It’s an explosive story. Da bomb of a story. take care of that migraine sista’…oh and when you put this on lulu what happens?Tanya

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