Chapter 43.4

Goood morning, guys.

Yeah, I just posted without saying something, but I’ve had a long weekend.

Too long.

anyhoo, I’ll be back later to talk with you.

I approved all your comments and read them, but I didn’t respond to any.

I’m typing like a mo’fo on crack and just feeling real stiff all over.

Going to CVS to get a warm compress cause I don’t like this feeling.

Okay, read on, comment on and let me know if I missed something.



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His Substitute Wife …. MySister (Chapter 43.4) (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

6 thoughts on “Chapter 43.4

  1. Its cheynne.. no doubt.. is nevada and mandigo having good time at the background.. come on sylvia..

  2. I smell it too jrboss…Also the twins kinda give me hope on Charisse not dying while pregnant, I dont think you are that cold of a murderer to cause harm to her with two babies. Anyway, I really dislike nieve people and they are being so nieve to the power or EVIl – Chyna and Cheyenne (Twitch 1 & 2)!!!

  3. Oh I love the happy times and I love that they are having twins. But I know things are about to get ugly and I am dreading it.

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