Chapter 43.2

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 43.2

  1. Yeah, there may be time charisse but when you do tell him man is he going to be pee ohh’d at you. Great posts Sylvia, have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. I see the three sisters share the same wavelength when it comes to keeping secrets…hasn’t she learned from her sister’s mistakes yet!! Damn Charisse…I know the sex must be bomb…but if you dont tell that man and tell him soon, you are going to ruin him…Ugh…Chyna is still alive…that heffa should have said something sooner…and if she’s alive…then where the hell is Cheyenne in all this mess?

  3. Well I think things are about to get interesting once they make it back home. This is where all the drama begins!

  4. I so want to slap Charisse. She is getting on my nerves not telling Parker about the bank account and trusting Chyna.

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