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Author’s Notes 02/14/08

Good moanin Readers

Here’s the comments from yesterday and I’m off to writing off the top of my head again.

There are no more notes in my book that I can cheat off. I’ve run my course on things to research and now my back is against the wall and I must produce.

So make sure I close the doors to all the can of worms I opened. I won’t rush it (per Carmel Beauty) and I’ll try to do a good beat down on the people you want. LOL.

Might throw yet another love scene here and there. I’m feeling kinda kinkie


Suprina: i’m so glad you took the time to comment. i’ve been meaning to stop in and catch up with you too and I’ll really try to do that.

Vishouz: Please don’t die.

Julia: I hope this also means she’ll be able to handle her sisters when the times come too, but she’s still a little fearful when it concerns them.

Crap or get off the pot? oh that’s funny. i haven’t heard that in a while.

Cinquetta: if u haven’t guess by now it’s Mandingo.

Tori: Actually Lynx has his love interest already. I just have to find a way to get Tanae back in the story with him. Yes, King is gay, but that’s the challenge I’ll have to deal with. I think I’m doing pretty good. I’ve done a virgin thirty three year old man, a aphenephobia woman and now I’m going to attempt to straighten out a gay man. (I say try) although can anyone guess which story I attempted this feat in last?

Eva: I think in a way we all do this. When the S.H.T.F. and love is in our face we tend to run away from it and go for the bad instead of the good. it’s almost human nature and I guess I’m trying to be as believable as possible. But since you’ve already think you can predict that about me, I guess I’m going to make sure I screw with you this time.

Ps. thanks for liking sex weed so much. I’m going to go back and re-read that.

Inside my head though, I really imagined that whole book turning out different than what it did and I’m going to have to find three new characters to fit that story line to.

Tapping finger to chin and thinking.

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