Chapter 35

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 35

  1. hmmm interesting. new characters new factors to include i might just have to rewrite the ending i had in my head. but it wont matter cause your ending will be better and totally different to what im thinking. thats a good thing

  2. Oh dear! Duh parker!! he should already know why!! curiosity killed the cat! or rather charisse!! she was curious about the male anatomy! oh dear sex for breakfast would be great right here… lol.and another thing about charisse inheriting a greedy trait from her mother. in a way she sort of was greedy because all she cared about was killing herself in the beginning. she was selfish because it was all about her life and how horrible it was. even though her sisters at the time really didnt care about her… it still seems selfish in a way cuz it was blocking future blessings in her life!! ok im done bein intellectual! LET THE SEDUCTION BEGIN!!

  3. HOLD UP!!! how old is parker?? and how old is charisse nd the devil twins?? and i will refrain from posting comments today i SWEAR!!!

  4. Now he wants to know about why she did it. He should have ask the first time before he stormed out!

  5. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are a phenomenal writer…….this rolled off the top of your head.KEEP IT COMING……..I am loving this side of Parker. The confident and sexy PARKER.I am still waiting for the damage that needs to be done to those three devils. SYLVIA PLEASE DO NOT LET NEVADA BE A BAD PERSON…..

  6. Also don’t skimp on the ending take your time and drag it out he has been one of my favorite male hero’s, I have also started re reading teach me to love are you maybe thinking of bringing derrick back I loved him too. He just gives me goose bumps all over.

  7. I still don’t trust Nevada. Parker is so dense I want to slap him and tell him to wake the hell up! Great post Sylvia!

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