Chapter 34

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 34 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Chapter 34

  1. And will you promise not 2 torture Emperor as much as you did Parker?? That man sounds too sexy for all that

  2. I like Nevada. She seems cool and genuine. Only problem is she has had a bad life, she needs a good man as well to take care of her. Anyhoo getting off subject here. You get some info and learn how to seduce Parker. Oh yeah go for it girl. lol

  3. i like nevada too.i think she’s going to be genuine. now i gotta put her with someone that will just mess it all up, LOL.going to lunch. I think i have the person in mind and you guys already know him. boy you’re going to hate me.

  4. cant be a bellini maybe a heart??? not lethal he’s got somebody but we dont know yet do we??? hmm….. who would mess nevada up really bad???…..

  5. Great Post! I a little leary of Nevada too. Sumthin’ don’t seem right about the gurl. What’s the name of the Heart whose been scarred? He would be good for Nevada, since she’s not into looks.

  6. I am still puzzel about who Neveda will be with. I want her to be with Lethal because he’s idea for her but then again I am guessing Mandigo. No one will guess that a pretty girl like Neveda will be with a guy who has a face messed up from a dog attack. Am I right Sylvia?

  7. I can see Richard….Devlin brother messing that shit all up.Not so sure who it is going to be now……….It definitely is a Bellini…..not Dalton I want him for Onyx.I have to go reread some more stories now Sylvia, you have got me wandering who.

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