Chapter 31.3

oh we gots some talkers today, huh?

quick responses to last comments posted.

nk: Yes

cinquetta: cheyenne most likely won’t. Selfish people are usually not concerned with others. They’re one tracked minded and are only focused on their objective.

carmel: Parker’s confused, upset and he has a lot on his mind.

nk (from 2nd comment): this ain’t like baking cakes where I can just go to the cabinet and get the ingredients and then throw it in a bowl. I’m hurrying honey. I swear cause I’m excited too.

carmel: i know you got a crap load of work to do and I do feel so good when you guys tell me you ain’t did nuffin all day but refresh your screen. LOL

jr boss: keep reading. here’s your answer.

okay, enjoy…

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 31.3 (c) 2008 sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Chapter 31.3

  1. Pretty interesting… not one.. she should land several punches to cheyenne’s face…

  2. Man charisse deserves to slap cheyenne as well as when she slapped chyna. They deserve alot more than a slap in my books. Great post Sylvia. *Hint*Hint* More More. lol

  3. Lucifer’s daughter. I almost fell out my seat on that one Sylvia. That was to funny but Charisse hit it right on the nail with that name.

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