Chapter 31

okay… good night…



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His substitute wife.. my sister Chaptter 31 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Chapter 31

  1. TELL HIM TELL HIM the man needs to know!! he been lied to 2 many times before!!! PLEASE!!! and whats up with his past? where he hiding his nephew?? in tahiti?

  2. Arrrgghhh no, don’t leave us hanging like that. I always love fridays cause its the weekend, but ya just gone and ruined it leaving me or us everyone hanging. You are a bad girl Sylvia. Regardless great post i liked it cause Charisse and Parker haven’t seen each other for a while.

  3. Does Parker know? Does he really remember? You have left me pondering all of these questions over the weekend. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. THAT WAS TO SHORT!!!!! I was just getting into things and here you go with the cliffhanger. Gosh Sylvia you hurt my heart with that one…lol.

  5. It is time to move i am sitting in my living room and I am almost postive that I just heard gun shots. My home has been broken into and I just generally do not feel safe here. It is time to move. Anywho the story is goind great, but of course parker doesn’t know yet, but I think she should tell him before he finds out.

  6. I do remember reading that scene between Jaelen and Kimberly so-called rape. Didn’t Kimberly made a deal with Jaelen if he have sex with her. She will set him free. After 8 months she had twin. I doubt Parker remember the night in question. The night he roch Charisse world. Don’t worry girl he talk about another moment in time. Charisse kiss Parker that will shut him up!

  7. SYLVIA!!!!! How could you? That was just plain wrong to leave us hangin’ like that. *Julia stomps off muttering “The nerve of that woman!”*

  8. what happened to the rest of the family’s dirty secrets that Onyx was going to spill?

  9. carmel i am sorry you are going thru that and i pray that you find somewhere else.. im feeling the same way we’ve had to move outta our dorms cuz ppl shooting and stealing our stuff.. i’m movin AWAAAY from campus.. now i know onyx aint done. she does say that she tries to finish her job?? so that means she’s gotta lot more stories and secrets to tell?? right? right sylvia??? oh mi gursh the suspense is bleeding me out slowly… 🙂 hey i got an idea for you syl.. add this to your loong list of future storylines… a college student??? involved in some crime or murder mystery?? hmmm….. with the name of eva??

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