Chapter 29.2

i’m getting sleepy and now i have to prepare for the meeting with Cheyenne.

Mentally exhausted


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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 29.2 (c) 2008 sylvia Hubbard.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 29.2

  1. I just love Onyx and I’m glad it was her that was there. Question, when Parker says release her of her duties, what duty is he talking about? He’s already released her as his secretary so what duty? Did I miss something reading too fast?

  2. All I can say is DAMN, DAMN, DAMN……….You got me Sylvia, who would have thought that MY KICK A$$ ONYX, would let him get away with that. I AM LOVING IT! She has compassion for someone other than her FINE A$$ BROTHER LETHAL! Back to what I was saying, this is unbelievable. Keep it up Sylvia…..GREAT POST…..WANT MORE

  3. Why doesn’t Parker stop fighting the inevitable and go get Charisse? The man is in agony. Onyx should kick his ass for being stupid. Besides Pascal, will Onyx get to kick anyone’s ass? I love her! Great Post Sylvia.

  4. How can parker think it is still a dream. He must be really dense, come on. I just feel like slapping him to wake him up. Am eagerly awaiting the Cheyenne encounter.

  5. The twin sister are still bitch. The info about their parent was mindblogger.The sex was tame but good.Onyx Heart is amazing. She probably could find info on Jesus. If he was real or fake.What did Oynx mean about Parker need to clean up his own shit. Is she refering to his brother’s son or something else.When he meets Charisse will she hug him. Because that will send his sex drive in overload. OHMYGAWD Mandingo!!! I getting all hot just thinking about him. Sylvia please write a story about him. If you do I want to be HIS WOMAN!Parker get your head straight and go get Charisse and your nephew.TRIPLE! TRIPLE! TRIPLE! don’t think I had forget!!!!!!!! Please help me convince Sylvia we want Parker and Charisse to have triple.

  6. Parker still don’t get it do he. Where is his brains when he needs it. I thought he is suppose to be smart. The stuff from Parkers pass has to do with his brothers child right. Is that his baby instead of his brother or did Parker send him away to boarding school or something? Where is the baby?

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