Chapter 28.3

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 28.3

  1. Ok, I feel better now. But with all the evidence she left behind, I’m sure he knows it was her, right? Also, how will they have another encounter if he’s not going to be around?

  2. Nk: Parker’s personality comes from a child hood next door neighbor of mine named Jarvis. He was a sweetie in a batch of bad apples. jrboss: i’m glad i could make you feel better. LOL. do I know he knows its her? no i don’t know. I’m finding that out now though and you’ll know second. And you asked how will they have another encounter if he’s gone? hmmm, (tapping chin deep in thought) I guess that’s why they call me the writer becaues i’m going to have to figure that one out too. soon as i know i’ll let you know that too, but you know i love making situations as difficult as possible. wish me luck.

  3. Good post Sylvia. I think Parker handled the situation right. Can’t wait for him to find out he had sex with Charisse. Really looking forward to it.

  4. Parker is sweet but I really wish that he knew that he and Charisse did the do. The moment was sweet and they both deserve to know. But I am happy that Parker is away getting himself together.p.s. Sylvia add me to your myspace. I will request you as a friend.

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