Chapter 28

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 28 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Chapter 28

  1. Oh my god!!!Was that kimberly in the building. This is just to dang good. Please give me more.

  2. OH god how embarassing is that, someone being there. Still regardless a very good chapter indeed. 🙂 Thanks for all the posts today sylvia

  3. I think that was Onyx in the building, Paula. Remember her and Jaelen are best friends. But I could be wrong. It could have been Cheyenne. No telling with Sylvia at the keyboard.Btw, Sylvia, that was an intense, a little tame compared to some of your ‘other’ scenes (Stealing Innocence, Stone’s Revenge, Diary of a…), but no less intense on the emotional level. I don’t know whether to be relieved (since the man is married) or slightly disappointed (since I really expected Parker to turn into Mr. Love-Me-Long-Time and make up for the old and the new. Some men do, you know, when they get that liquor in them. Others simply pass out.) Maybe Parker will make up for the old and new when he gets his mind right and ain’t so entangled with all the mess with his wife.Loved the dialogue. Very snappy and even witty at times. That is definitely true to life, because people tend to relate to each other in the bed the same way they do out of the bed. Meaning, if you have humor in your clothed hours, some of that same humor will show up in your naked hours.Okay, that’s my feedback. Looking forward to reading what everybody else have to say.Peace,Suprina

  4. That was lovely. I hope that wasn’t Cheyenne in the building. That would be TOO much for me to handle. Especially if it was her, hell is about to break loose.

  5. Who was in the building?you’ll have to wait to find that out, but someone did guess right and all hell will break loose regardlessRemember she was a virgin and she couldn’t do much more than what she did that i could legitamately do cleanly even if he wanted to be an all night man. Although most men I’ve known and have heard about in a deep drunken state even if they wanted to make up for lost time, alcohol makes them very sleepy.(let me know if i’m wrong).I am releived and disappointed and I’m so really unsure where to go from here as I unravel all the mess that’s about to come and Parker is still very confused over everything.thanks for enjoying the dialogue.think i responded to everyone.

  6. Okay you are wrong not all men fall asleep when the have been drinking a lot. As for my STBH it actually makes him go longer very good effect. As for the person in the building I think it was Onyx. Cheyenne wouldn’t have left. As for you Sylvia I thought you said you had a beau you can’t call him in your uh time of need? 🙂

  7. Sylvia, I must have come across the other type of men then. The ones that too much alcohol turns them into beasts, sexy beasts, that is (borrowing from Austin Powers). lol.Anyhoo, I do see your point about Charisse’s deflowering situation. An all-nighter would have left behind too many clues. The coat, keys, and burnt shoe were enough clues. lol.I hope you post some more today, because I need a distraction from my own work. Plus, I really want to see Parker’s reaction when he gets sober and has to face Charisse again. Ha! That is gonna be soooo good! Rich!As for where to go from here, Sylvia, please. You got this. That brilliant mind of yours is going to cook up something mmm…mmm…good for all of us.I’ll check back in later.Suprina

  8. Definitely not Onyx, she would have kicked his butt for taking advantage of Charisse just like she did Jaelen when she thought he raped Kimberly. All hell is going to break loose because one time will never be enough for both of them.Keep it coming……literally!

  9. Good one Sylvia! Charisse knows she wants to do it again. And who the hell was lurking around outside? Nosy bastards! Lawd I hope it wasn’t Onyx! She will definitely kill a wet dream! 🙂 NAH, it wasn’t Onyx, she would have busted into the room and ruined the whole thing.

  10. I know for a fact that it was Cheyenne. I just have a feeling that it was her in the building. How she got in the building I don’t know but it was her. Great Post!

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