Chapter 27.2

I need two hours of rest… and a new change of panties, LOL….and a cigarette and a naked man with a large instrument (who knows how to use it) when I get home from work to attack.

Any volunteers out there, please call 777-9311… just kidding… oh hell…



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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 27.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Chapter 27.2

  1. it’s been like a couple of hours and no comments from the first initial post that were i’m biting my nails and nervously waiting for you to say something.ANYThING?you know that’s one fear that an author of romance has. hoping that one love scene doesn’t sound like the other one.I liked the dialogue in this one, but I’ve always like the dialogue between Charisse and Parker and I had to put that in because they get along so well. I’m rambling aren’t I.

  2. That was a pure bliss syl..are u going to post more… i could wake up all night…

  3. Damn, please tell me there’s more. I really like the dialogue. I’,m hoping that he continue to talk to her with each stroke LOL. Hopefully Parker won’t have any regrets after this first encounter. More, more, more. Awesome.

  4. Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!!!Sylvia you have got to give me more. Keep the dialogue going between them. Sex scene is like no other. More, More, More

  5. Wow Sylvia you outdid yourself. That was the most amazing scene ever. Darn i am at work i cant go ravage my man. He is sure in trouble tonight though lol.

  6. Sylvia! You are the master! That was the most amazing scene ever, as deja said! I really liked your use of the word “culmination”. Good for Charisse and Parker. Chyna doesn’t know what she missed deceiving Parker. Now, hopefully, she will never know.

  7. It was worth the wait and I loved how they interacted with eachother. That was so sweet. I am ready for more…lol

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