Chapter 25

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now i’m going home. have a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. This cliffhanger’s more brutal than the other one. I almost wish I hadn’t asked for more. lol (I did say almost though.) That moment with Charisse, Kimberly and little Jessica was so touching. I wonder if this means her whole touch phobia is gone completely. So many different things to ponder. Will Cheyenne keep her promise? (of course not, then there’d be no story lol) Who closed the account and why? What has Onyx discovered about them? I see myself not being able to sleep until monday.

  2. You are so cruel! How could you just stop when Onyx makes her appearance! That was a truly beautiful moment between Charisse, Kimberly and baby Jessica. I love your writing!

  3. OHMYGOD!! I am so crying right now that was so touching. To just know that you overcame her touching phobia and to watch the transformation was amazing. I believe that Kim will talk to Parker and not give him exact details but enough info to help him deal with Charisse. GREAT POST!!!

  4. Ack i am afraid for Parker. That lady would scare anyone for that matter. That or i don’t want her touching a hair on parker either lol. Thanks for the extra posts sylvia. You have a good weekend as well Take care

  5. omg syl you almost had everybody in the office bawlin wit that!!! she’s been healed! yes lord!! that scene was too sweet, children are precious creatures and they make you realize alot.. and this cliffhanger is really killin me cuz i want 2 know bout that account syl!!! we need to know! onyx can come back later! have a nice weekend hope the storm passes over fast…..

  6. OhOH someone is going to get their butt wupe. Oynx Heart is now in the building.Good for you Charisse one step one touch closer to getting sex up.Parker you are still the man.

  7. My girl is BACK!!!! That was such a emotional post and I loved that Charisse is not afraid to touch anymore. Now let’s see what Onyx has to say. This is going to be great!

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