Chapter 24.3

Okay, I really need to quit today. I’m getting bogged down with things so this might be it.

Storming bad in Detroit. We’re expected to have over 10 inches by tonight.




This post has been removed. This book is available for download and/or print at: His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 24.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Chapter 24.3

  1. SYLVIA!! How you gon stop there? I mean you have done some mean things concerning your cliffhangers but that was just plain wrong as much as we have been asking for you to introduce Cheyenne then you do so when at the end of a chapter. I understand though cause right now all we have is rain and I just want to grab my pillow and blanket and hide from the world for a couple of hours. But uh I am still going to be checking to see if you have a change of heart.:-)

  2. now why did i know you’d be the first one to say something. that’s funny.i might have a change of heart IF more people comment before i leave.And no fair logging in under anonymous and just posting anything, LOL.

  3. That was NOT fair!!! Wahhhhh!!! Need more!!!! LOLGreat Post Sylvia!! Puleeez have a change of heart like Carmel asked!!! I’m Begging!!!!!*jul*

  4. lol I was gonna comment anonymously like 10 times if you hadn’t said something. -sigh- Was the guy that was in the car with Cheyenne (in the last post I think) Pascal? Why is she still hanging with him? I smell something fishy.

  5. joy: you’re funny. and no, the person in the car was joanie, but you’ll know that in the next post.jul: I could almost feel your pain from your text!almost about to change my heart, but homegurl need more props.

  6. OMG, I’m like Carmel, how you gon leave us hanging. I’m on pens and needles waiting to see what advice Kim gives Charissa and how’s Parker going to respond to Chey. Please just a little bit more.

  7. WOW! Sylvia that was a great chapter but why did you end it there? It seems every time I read a new chapter the story gets better and better. I starting to become obsessed. It’s like crack. PLEASE PLEASE update SOON.

  8. You so ain’t right!!!! Not only does Parker now know Charisse is sexually attracted to him (he most definitely knows)now here comes that slut Cheyenne. I can’t wait for Charisse to slap her to the ground. Oh yeah, hurry and let Charisse and Parker get busy!

  9. How could you do this to us on a friday, but then we were warned. lol Now we get to meet cheyenne, can’t wait to meet the other evil twin. Great work Sylvia.

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