Chapter 21

Carmel: answered your questions in 19 and responded to the ones in 20.

on a roll…feeling sarcastic…enjoy…


This book is now listed @ for download and/or print. His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 21 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

PS: taking a break til the afternoon…..

5 thoughts on “Chapter 21

  1. ohh.. finall i let out breath after reading all the chapters for the day.. its amazing.. i want to punch chyna in face.. i hope she would die in the end….

  2. One word: Damn..(said on a soft sigh). This book has me on a hold! You KNOW you NEED to post more today right? I know you not just gonna leave us hanging like that!!But Sylvie…I need to see Cheyenne make more of an appearance… We’ve only been hearing about her. What’s her story? What’s her claim on Meanville? I really liked how Charisse stood up to Jaelen. Not even Chyna was able to do that! It does seem tho that Chyna is fraying at the ends… like she’s about to lose it. Hmmm…How interesting.Now that Charisse is better or getting there…Is the “touching fear” slipping away? or it’s just Parker?

  3. okay.. so chyna’s gonna be the siste 2 lose it all correct??? parker gettin a lil gutta aint he? sound like he could take on lethal with all that pent up sexual tension!! a man needs release syvlia!!!! come on!!!!!

  4. I agree with Eva I also want to hear more about Cheyenne Please write more today that dinner tho was better then I pictured it Can’t wait to see what the plan is to keep Charisse from killing herself.

  5. Also my old work buddy Tia is catching up on the story I told her it was going to be good before it started and the retard waited until now to start reading it so she is at like chapter 2

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