Chapter 20

Went back to look at all those comments from chapter 18 on up and I made comment.

short note though: Suprina, i really loved how you pointed out that I write about the gray areas in life. I’m going to make note of that when i’m interviewing. you guys give me so much fodder when it comes to my writing.

anyhoo, it’s a monday and as you can see, i’ve been very busy this weekend so for you that are just joining, please go to:

that’s to catch up some and this is for those who have only access to the stories at your wor and are just coming back from friday. (Make sure you read the comments as well because some of the weekend readers talked up some things too so it isn’t repetitious, plus, i added some insights to the story as well – especially when it comes to OH (Onyx Heart).)

Speaking of the most deadliest woman in America, you’ve asked when will her book be coming and who’s going to tame that piece of hard work. Well that wouldn’t be fair if I told you that would it but I think I’ve given hints in prior books she’s been in and you’ve met the person… I think or at least know of him. Can you guess? LOL

and someone asked about William Stone

He’s my first love and I miss him too, but I should be bringing him in actually with the Onyx story so that was pretty on time to ask that question.

and for the emailer that asked about how many chapters that this will be, i really couldnt’ answer that. I’m making this up as I go, seriously.

so folks, forget about waiting for the writers strike, here’s some live entertainment you can’t get anywhere else let’s invite more people to the blog so we can really get this party started.

PS the sex is coming. weird it will be but it’s coming.



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