Chapter 19

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 19 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

5 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. WOOW! parker better tone down those emotions b4 chyna catches on!!! ooo and charisse shoulda beat that bitch ass for slappin her!! hittin pregnant women is a felony!!! i was kinda liking chyna till now……..

  2. Sylvia, I have to honest, I am both dreading and looking forward to the time when Charisse and Parker DO IT. My reasons are plenty, but I won’t take up too much space here listing all of them.I anticipate their ‘union’ because of their chemistry and because of your writing style that seems to make every love scene in your books unique from the last. Don’t know if you watch (have watched) a lot of porn, experienced those things, or just have that active of an imagination, but as a writer, your love scenes are outstanding. You do justice to your genre.Now on to my dread…That whole sleeping with your sister’s husband thing is the source of my trepidation. I say NEVER, EVER do it under any circumstances. And yet people do it all the time. Plus, life isn’t black and white anymore, there are a lot of gray areas now. Perhaps you are called to highlight those gray areas that a lot of us want to wish away or bury our heads in the sand about. I’m called to do a similar work in my inspirational line. Talking about stuff church folks want to push under the rug, stuff that destroys a person, church membership, community from within.I said all that to say, “Do you, Sylvia. Shine light where illumination is needed. Be fearless while doing it!”As for me, I’m going to have selective retention when I get to that hot Charisse/Parker scene. I’m going to forget he’s been through all the other sisters. I’m going to ‘pretend’ they love each other (which they probably will by then) and that THEY are the real soul-mates. I might even pretend they’re married. lol. Now how active is MY imagination? lolGoing to finish some writing of my own now…Toodles!

  3. BRING ON THE DIRT BC THAT SELFISH HEIFER IS GETTING ON MY NERVES. Why do they mistreat Charisse so much? It’s obvious they envy her, but WHY?The plot thickens!

  4. Parker must not remember who he’s married to. I don’t understand why he and Chyna are still married and why they think a child would help anything.

  5. eva: i’ll be addressing that slap soon.suprina: I’m under the same predicament. I keep telling myself it’s wrong to sleep with a married man and in parker’s mind, he is trying to be a good boy. He’s trying to keep his vows again. Make his wife happy and that’s why he does allow Chyna to act the way she does without real reprecussions because of guilt. But on the other hand, I want charisse and parker to bump like rabbits 24/7 and the urge to touch him is becoming greater and greater and Charisse now feels like she’s going crazy when before she didn’t feel crazy at all. LOL.I like how you said life isn’t like black and white anymore and I like that you said I pointed out all the grays. that was cool and I’ll keep that in mind when I’m interviewed as to my story writing skills. thanks.beeutee: I take it the selfish heifer you’re referring to is Chynajoy: people stay married for different reasons. Like suprina said there’s a lot ofgray areas and sometimes it’s cheaper to keep her and better to stick it out than be alone.

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