Chapter 16.2 … You guys were in trouble…

I left my notes at home. I saw my blue backpack this morning and I said to myself: you don’t need that today. leave it.

Which is why now after the last post, I really had nothing but a short scene that progresses the story in a lanier direction (it really wasn’t any where special.)

That is until I saw that I couldn’t do anything else for the rest of the day, so I was actually going to hold off post until tomorrow.

but unless I find a dsl filter by tomorrow, y’all aint’ getting nothing til Monday because I have no internet at home and i’ll be off tomorrow.

I know y’all weren’t having that, so I said I needed to go back over and check on some things.

While I was checking, it hit me.

I mean it hit me like a big truck.

I need to seriously mess with Chyna. I mean seriously mess her up. Because i knew in the beginning she had all this planned for Charisse and Parker to sleep together. That was her motive for suggesting this, but why?

Why would a woman just agree to let her other sister sleep with her husband when she could have just let the twin keep him?

Sick, I know. Real sick, but trust me, I am not have any sexual machinations about my brother in law. This one comes from something else.

Anyhoo, I’m still tickled by the shame box comment Lilo made. That was some funny mess, gurl.

So i guess i’ll just shut up and let you guys determine where i’m going. I’m eager to know if you can guess it.

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 16.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

10 thoughts on “Chapter 16.2 … You guys were in trouble…

  1. Not to say I don’t like the conv with Chnya but I want to know why she can’t have relations with her husband yesterday when she said daddy for the first time she acted like she wanted to then so what is going on?

  2. im all UP and stimulated. bad lilo! im suppose to be studying 🙁 *bites nail* boy i hope he asks about turkey basters tomorrow :Swouldnt that be weird if he did??happy the comment made you laughed. and i must add lady you are a hard worker. you be all over the place. you sure you doing you work? or are you one of THOSE ppl 😛

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