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good morning good morning good moaning.

need coffee and need internet at my house sooooo bad!!!

Can’t find the DSL filter with the phone line unless I drive twenty minutes out the city or wait five business days. Help!!!!

Looking for an AT&T store in the 48227 area or a place I can get one. Any suggestions?


I do like this attraction. It’s building which is different for me. I know my regulars are looking for that freaky sex scene and I won’t let you down I promise. It’s just with Charisse and her condition I have to be just a little bit more creative.

Kind of like when I was doing the Tanner’s Devil thing. I know that was just straight up fantasy but it was awesome because who could believe a black street girl from Detroit could hook up with a Duke?! That was some creative juices flowing out of that side pocket.

Now I put Charisse in a difficult position but I look at this as layers. I’ve got to get through layers in order to get to her and I conquered the first layer. Tables will soon turn and I think I’ve thoroughly confused and turned you guys to look the other way, while I work it out and pull the surprises out of my bag of tricks.

I did get upset last night because I dropped a red herring in the story that you guys didn’t pick up on yet, but I’m hoping today you catch it because i even forgot the red herring and had to go back and find that stupid thing.

So why’d Chyna call out Daddy? And why’d that turn off the very strong and much needed attention sex drive of Parker? Were the girls or one of them really raped or molested?

Along with all the other questions we need to also explore a lot of things you guys never picked up on. I’ll give you one of them: What happened to Parker’s brother’s son that went into foster care? Why didn’t Parker take the child into custody?

This is going to take a lot of work to fix all these doors I’ve opened.

So with that. I’ll post in about an hour.

Hugs and Kisses from Motown

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2 thoughts on “Author’s Notes for Today

  1. I had to print off the story yesterday because I had to get to class so I didn’t get a chance to write my comments as I read I did wonder about Cbyna and her calling out her for her daddy. I forgot about the son though, but I thought the mama was still living I have to go back and re-read cause I am def missing some stuff. You just keep dropping bombs. Like why is Parker so interested in the girls past. Why does he stay with Chyna? Why does he want a baby with her so bad? If they are so afarid of the stigmatism why are they letting Charisse have the baby isn’t that the same thing? How old was Charisse when she killed her dad? Why does everybody think it was a suicide? And the list goes on….

  2. Like Caramel Beauty, I also picked up on the Chyna and Daddy thing. Missed those other clues though.Can’t wait to see how this is all going to work out.Suprina

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