Chapter 8.2

(reader’s question) why would a sister still her man?

Why would any woman still a man who was dating another woman? I don’t know and if I did know then I’d be telling the story. I’m tyring to find that out as we speak though.

(reader’s question) Where do you come with your inspiration for you stories?

Watching other people because my life is extremely boring and stressful.

(reader’s question) Charisse isn’t as crazy as we think she is?

I don’t know.

I think that’s all the questions I was asked offline. If I missed something please respond below.

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 8.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

8 thoughts on “Chapter 8.2

  1. No wonder Charisse is crazy, having two evil sisters like that i dont blame her at all. Anyhoo great posts as always sylvia. Good luck in the move.

  2. Wow! So Charisse is a virgin. I am happy for her and I really think that Cheyenne is the twisted sister of them all. Something bad must have happen to her and she blamed the younger sister. So that’s why Charisse wants to kill herself. I just hope Charisse comes out on top after everything is said and done. Great Post.

  3. Why is Cheyenne so HATEFUL? What did the momma do to them? As per Chyna: “She was a monster. She made us into what we are today, but I’ve got a chance with Parker to not repeat what has happened in the past.”

  4. omg sylvia, i am soo confused. why did her mother and father died? and why does cheyenne wants charisse dead?????

  5. I hope Parker and Cyna knows a boby wont solve their marriage problems. What if Charrissa has twins or more? Or they going to keep them or give the bab(ies) away. What does Charissa want to die so bad. What happen to her. When her mother was alive. I thought I read in the sypnosis that Charrissa and Parker are going to have sexual relationship. Why did Parker call Cheynena. What’s with that? What’s up with you and short men. In most of your stories your hero barely reach 6 feet. Please pretty please next story you write please let the hero be over 6’3″ or more PLEASE.

  6. I have a theory on one of the questions a reader asked. It’s just my theory, but anyways I believe that women steal men and visa versa because the grass is greener on the other side theory.

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