Chapter 4.2

“I know my husband’s cheating on me,” Chyna said miserably into the phone.

Unfortunate for her, she didn’t know Parker had let himself into the masseuse’s room. He had seen her car there earlier when he had left with Charisse, but his wife had not known that her sister and husband was here, nor did he want the staff to know.

Her childhood best friend, Joanie Bell, was on speaker. “You say that every time you feel like this, Chyna. I think you’re trying to find a way to leave him.”

“Leave him? I can’t leave, Parker. Where will I go? What the hell will I do? Plus, he needs me.” Her voice was filled with arrogance.

“I think you’re just feeling guilty about Pascal.”

Parker gripped the door at the mention of that bastard. Pascal Faust was a backstabbing accountant who had not only stolen a very large amount of money from Parker, but slept Chyna five years ago.

“Shouldn’t I? Parker’s done everything he’s promised, which I never thought he would and what I have done? What have I given him?”

Joanie tried to comfort, Chyna, “Love. You’ve given him ten years of your life. Don’t think you’re not important in this marriage, Chyna.”

“I know I’m important, but I know my husband isn’t happy.”

Parker exited out the room only feeling a little guilty for listening. Sophie walked by.

“You didn’t find your wife yet, Mr. Mills?” she questioned. “She’s in here with the beauty mask on her face and cucumbers on her eyelids.”

He followed Sophie in the room, pretending he had heard nothing. By this time, Chyna had taken everything off her eyes and hung up the

“Why are you here, Parker?” Chyna asked defensively.

“The nurse came early for her and I had some free time before another meeting, so I decided to come see you.” That was a lie. Midway of driving no where and thinking about his afternoon, his manhood had become hard and he wanted some attention, so he came to the only place he knew he should get it from.

“You’re never a good liar, Parker.”

Sophie gave him a wink and left out of the room, giving them privacy.

“I just wanted to see your loveliness, Chyna,” he cajoled.

“You’re still a liar. I’ll be right out if you’ll let me call down assistance. You shouldn’t be seeing me like this.”

“We’ve been married for ten years, I’ve seen you before these weekly salon treatments you enjoy spending my money on, when we had no money and you had to put perm treatments on in our one bedroom mirror.”

“What do you want?”

“I have a couple of free hours before my meeting. I want to spend a few hours with my wife.”

“There’s not enough time to go home and do anything. Plus, my sister is there.”

“I know, and there’s a hotel around the corner.”

She gasped as if he had slapped her. “How could you even suggest something like that?”

“We’ve been doing this baby making sex for the past couple of years, Chyna. If I’m not using a cup, then I’m only getting to you when you’re hot and ready. You’re not a pizza, you’re my wife!”

“The keyword here is wife, Parker. And you don’t drag your wife in the middle of the day to a hotel room.”

“Why can’t I fuck my wife in the middle of the day?!” he boomed angrily.

“Get out!” she ordered. “Go take your sick fantasies out of here, Parker Sean Mills!”

Parker slammed out of the room and stormed into Jaelen’s office.

The friend had just returned and was just settling down to his computer when Parker burst into the office.

“What’s wrong with having sex in the middle of the day?!”

Jaelen shrugged. “As long as it’s with your wife, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“So why won’t she give me sex?”

Stopping everything that he was doing, Jaelen gave him a very serious look. “I’m going to say something that you don’t want to hear or don’t want to face, Parker. The only reason you’re still with that woman is because of obligation and some unwise debt you feel you owe to her.”

“Debt? What debt? I love my wife. We’ve spent ten years together.”

“You married her because you were shocked some beautiful woman wanted to spend the rest of her life with you. But you aren’t going to convince me she was planning on leaving you after five years of living from check to check. You aren’t going to convince me that she gave you an ultimatum. Get rich or get out of her life.”

“She was tired of living with a loser, which I will say I was. Now I can afford to do whatever I want and give her what I want. Just like I’ve always dreamed of.”

“Like I said, she and you are obligated to stay with each other. Because some reason you think she stayed with you for the bad times, you have to stay with her through the good times whether you’re happy or not. And she feels that since she paid most of the bills during the bad times, she’s obligated to enjoy your money during the good times.”

“That’s just foolish Jaelen. I did have a job.”

“And a gambling problem, a smoking problem and you couldn’t keep a dime in your pocket to save your life. Plus, you were ugly as hell and just recently grew into your face as my wife kindly puts it.”

Parker didn’t want to listen to him anymore and stood up to leave.

“Running is not going to shut me up. You asked.”

“No, I asked why can’t I have sex with my wife in the middle of the day?”

“Because you don’t love her anymore. You knew this five years ago when you were bopping anything and everything that had cookies between her legs including your wife’s sister.”

“That was just a spell. I was weak.”

“You were waking up to the truth.”

“You’re an ass full of shit. How does Kimberly put up with you?”

Jaelen smirked wickedly. “That’s why you are unhappy in your marriage.
You don’t put up with your spouse and all their shit. You love them. Kimber loves me. She doesn’t care that I’m an ass, she doesn’t care that I speak my mind and be an ass all day long. She’s going to love me until the meat falls off my bones because I’m going to love her no matter what. You don’t love Chyna and she doesn’t love you. You stay married on a hope, wink and a smile. Not love.”

“And you know all about love, Jaelen?”

“I don’t know shit, but I know I have a woman who knows all about it and I learn from her everyday. I love going to class.”

Jealously, Parker left wishing that he could really knock out Jaelen’s argument and actually say he was head over heels in love with Chyna, but for the life of him he couldn’t say that out loud and actually mean it.

His Substitue Wife…My Sister Chapter 4.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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