Chapter 4

I’ve been a bad girl. I found during the holidays with the kids and I’ve been hooked on the free scary movies on there.

Today I found Katt Williams show from HBO cause you know a sistah can’t afford cable.

So I’ve been lazy about it, but I just have to tweak the second part to chapter 4.


Three hours later, after Lupe delivered a nice simple black Vera Wang dress to her room and a sweater, Sophie ordered him to go to the back way entrance so they could finish her off and send her down to him.

Parker had gone to Jaelen’s office and made use of his equipment to make some calls and do some business.

Jaelen had left and not come back by the time Sophie found him.

As much work as he had done, he still couldn’t get rid of her cold words from his mind. What the hell had happened when she was little that made her think she was a scab?

Going to the back entrance, he paced until he heard footsteps coming toward him. Turning, he was flabbergasted at the vision of loveliness approaching him. She looked absolutely nothing about her sisters reminded him of what he was looking at. Because she had this independent look about her as if she didn’t care about her outer appearance and that brought out even more beauty.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

She blushed. “You say that to all your sister-in-laws.”

Parker chuckled and knew she didn’t want to harp on her looks, so he opened the door for her. It was raining and he grabbed the guest umbrellas by the door and held it over her head.

Charisse let him open the door for her this time and sat down careful not to brush up against him.

When Sophie had showed her the mirror of herself, Charisse almost screamed. She swore she was a younger version of her grandmother on her father’s side. It was amazing how her face didn’t look like her face. She had even touched it to make sure it was and not some daymare past, hunting ghost coming to make her feel guilty again.

“Thank you,” she had said to Sophie.

“You did all the work,” Sophie said.

* * *

The drive home was quiet. Charisse kept her head turned out the other window most of the time and then pretended to go to sleep again, when the quietness was driving her crazy. Wanting to speak, but not knowing how to speak nice was more difficult for her than anything.

Getting to the house, he turned off the car and then looked over at her. “I was serious about you not being a burden.”

“Thank you, Parker.” She wanted to add ‘for everything,’ but that would have been too much coming from her. And it would have felt phony saying something like that.

Parker got out of the car, but she jumped out before he could open the door for her.

They walked into the home together and just as they were about to say something to each other a van pulled up with the words, “Nursing Needs: Taking care of you and your loved ones.”

A black woman about forty casually dressed with her hair pulled back in a pony, came upon them. She reminded Charisse of Lena Horne, when she smiled, but there was this mole on her cheek and several on her neck.

“I’m Rochelle. The nurse you hired, Mr. Mills?”

He held out his hand warily. “I thought I was using Nursing Assistance.”

“You were, but when they’re short on staff, I’m a private outsource service that they usually use. You spoke with Catherine, right?”


She handed him a fax and then looked over at Charisse. “Shaw-reese?” she said slowly, but didn’t extend her hand. “Please tell me I have your name right. I spoke with your doctor-“

Charisse turned away and walked up the stairs.

Parker signed the fax where it was supposed to be signed and handed it back to Rochelle. “So I take it you know the drill with her?”

“Yes, Mr. Mills. Her doctor and I spoke in length of her condition.”

“And you’ve handled suicide patients before?”

“Many times. I haven’t had a failure on my watch and as long as the family let me do my job, I won’t have a failure in this case either.”

“Why would we get in the way?”

Rochelle narrowed her eyes. “A lot of families say that to me in the beginning, Mr. Mills, yet I find it the main reason as to why any other nurse or medical staff has failed in the past. Charisse and I will become fast friends and she’ll learn to trust me.”

He was positive if there were a door to slam in Charisse’s room she would have slammed it. She didn’t look at all happy. He also wondered what had she been about to say to him.

“You have my assurance my wife and I won’t even be around to get in the way, ma’am.” He tipped his head and walked back out of the house.

* * *

Charisse rushed over to the window just in time to walk the Benz drive away. ‘Why are
you being so nice to me?’ That’s what she had wanted to ask him once they were inside.

The possible answer to that question nagged her.

“Your brother in law and sister cares about you,” Rochelle said behind her.

Looking over her shoulder at the woman that was to be her watchdog for the next couple of months, she sighed with boredom and looked back at the window, just to stare out.

She really wished everyone would leave her alone and just let her die.

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  1. I can’t wait to see why this child really wants to die. She better have a good excuse. Great Chapter.

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