Winner’s Of Maniac’s Neighbor for Gaston’s Desire

If you were a reader of Drawing The Line, there was a contest of who could tell me where the Gaston’s Desire bakery item was mentioned in another book.

And the winner is reader, Carmel Beauty. She guessed the books that metioned it and it took so long to find out if her answer was right because I had to reread the durn book just to find out if she was right. I had really forgotten.

Thanks for playing, Carmel and you should be receiving Maniac Neighbor – an unpublished short story by me soon and will be available on Amazon Shorts soon.

Kisses, hugs and Season’s Greetings to all

Your Author,

Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Okay Sylvia I have not gotten my book I sent you my email address to you email address. I need something to hold me over until January.

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