Coming In January… HIS SUBSTITUTE WIFE…My Sister


© 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

“He agreed to this?” Charisse asked incredulously, not believing what her sister was asking her to do after explaining why the process had failed. “You want me to have sex with your husband?”
“It’s not sex. It’s procreation. It’s a big difference,” Chyna said apathetically. “You’re not Parker’s type and you don’t like him. If I have no problem with it, then neither should you.”
“But it’s your husband.”
Chyna spoke as if it were obvious. “Parker’s willing to do whatever it takes to get a baby and if it’s that, then we’ll do it.”
“Aren’t there tests?” Charisse asked. “I thought there were tests?”
Impatiently, Chyna said, “You gave me nine months, Charisse. Nine months! You just said it and if we can’t hurry the process, you can’t hurry what you really want to do anyway.”
Charisse turned away in order to process what her sister was asking her to do. She needed more time to think. It was too much to consider right now. The room was quiet and it seemed as if she could hear her heartbeat.
After a moment, her sister said impatiently, “They’re waiting, Charisse.”
“Yes, I know,” Charisse snipped turning around to Chyna. “But don’t you think I should take as long as I need.”
“You’ve already given us permission to use an egg and the use of your body. We just didn’t expect it to be so difficult to fertilize.”
“I did give you permission, Chyna, when I thought it would be done under some microscope and needles, not… not naturally! Are you sure Parker knows what this means?”
The door to the doctor’s office opened. Parker filled the doorway like a man who was confident. He seemed to command the presence of all and Charisse found it impossible to believe that his sperm was weak. His eyes went to his wife first to see if it were good news, but when Chyna didn’t give him a response he wanted, he then looked over to Charisse.
Her intestines felt as if they flipped over at his direct tannish brown eyes.
‘Stop it!’ she ordered herself. ‘He’s your brother in law. He’s not yours!’
“Tell her Parker,” Chyna ordered. “Tell her you agree to this.”
“Only if she agrees to it, Chyna. I don’t want to make her
uncomfortable,” he said solemnly, looking quickly away from Charisse as if it were difficult to make eye contact with her.
Moving in front of her to block Charisse’s vision of Parker, her sister said, “Charisse gives her permission.” Chyna’s eyes narrowed to threatening slits.
Charisse could see her sister’s cruel look, but Parker didn’t. Charisse didn’t know what she wanted and she was terrified to look at Parker because she thought he would see her fear of her sister. “Yes. I’ll do it.”
Parker released a sigh of release and Chyna turned to hug her husband screaming in delight. He moved his arms around her and held her close. His eyes went to that beautiful color of happiness.
Slowly his eyes moved over to her and Charisse steeled her emotions to his warm beautiful gaze.
He mouthed the words, “Thank you.”
Charisse’s insides tripled flipped and she quickly looked away to try to gather her thoughts again.
Maybe if she accomplished something in life, she could accomplish her death finally.

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